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Welcome to Shared Lutheran Ministry of Fayette County
WELCOME to the Shared Lutheran Ministry website. In Fayette County, four Texas congregations have made the bold decision to enter into a truly shared ministry. Why? To provide the best tools for our members to grow as disciples of Christ AND To effectively proclaim the Good News of Christ in our communities and the world. Please enter these pages to catch a vision of this unique ministry. Feel free to contact us with any questions. And when you can, come in person. We’d love to meet you!

all are welcome!!
Shared Lutheran Ministry believes in the mission of Sharing God’s Word by embracing and serving all as God’s Faithful Family.
Our Guiding Principles for ministry are:
1. Following Jesus as Lord and Savior
2. Praying, listening, and following Christ.
3. Welcoming, loving, and serving all.
4. Gathering in worshiping and praising God.
5. Going, making disciples, baptizing and teaching.

Learn More about The Shared Lutheran Ministry. Be sure to check us out on Facebook for more information!

Shared Lutheran Ministry of Fayette County is a member church of the ELCA and part of the TEXAS LOUISIANA GULF COAST SYNOD.

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Thank you for your interest in the Shared Lutheran Ministry of Fayette County, Texas. All are welcome at any of our churches, and please call us if you have any questions. We are always ready to help.

Upcoming Events:

june 26 Chance Weishuhn Birthday
june 27 Kate Holloway Birthday
  3:00 PM Care Inn Birthday Party
  5:15 PM Zumba at Warrenton
june 28 6:00 PM Bunco at Cheri Herbrich's
june 29 Cora Rigby Birthday
june 30 Becky Helmreich Birthday
  Harry Schellberg Birthday
  Wayne Fruge Birthday
  8:00 AM Worship in Ellinger
  8:30 AM Worship in Warrenton
  10:00 AM Worship in Rutersville
  10:30 AM Worship in Fayetteville
  3:30 PM Nursing Home Worship Services at Care Inn, 3:30 and at Monument Hill, 4:15
july 1 Rachel Dunlap Birthday
  9:00 AM AMEN Food Pantry
july 2 Justin Pietsch Birthday
  McKensie Wren Birthday
july 3 6:00 PM Swimming for High School Youth at Pastor Marcia's
july 4 SLM Office Closed
july 6 Koltin Kocian Birthday
  5:30 PM Lutherhill Fundraiser at Sons of Hermann in Rutersville
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Current Information:
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PLEASE NOTE....DO YOU NEED TO SPEAK WITH PASTOR MARCIA? Here are the ways to reach her.
• During office hours, call the SLM Office at 979-249-3155. Monday-Thursday, 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM.
• Outside regular office hours, please call Pastor Marcia’s home phone at 979-968-3634.
• Or you may call or text Pastor Marcia's cell phone at 979-338-0187 or email her at pastormarcia@cvctx.com.

4444 South State Highway 237 • Round Top, Texas 78954
Office: 979-249-3155 • Fax: 979-249-3548
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