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They say there is power in numbers and that is obvious in the Shared Lutheran Ministry. We are able to offer many more ministries and opportunities that might not be possible for smaller, rural individual congregations. By working together, sharing resources and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and serving in His name, we are able to create a unique and wonderful ministry. Please continue to read on to learn more about our ministry teams and happenings that we have in the Shared Lutheran Ministry!​

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Members of the Care Team of the Shared Lutheran Ministry are the hands of Christ to our own homebound and nursing home members as well as to all those who are in need. They execute these acts of kindheartedness through many ministries which are listed below.
Every Sunday afternoon, a congregation in the La Grange area hosts worship services at the La Grange nursing homes. The Shared Lutheran Ministry is honored to be included in this rotation and hosts worship once per quarter. Worship begins at 4:15 PM at Monument Hill Nursing Center. **On hold due to COVID.**
In addition to regular visits by the pastor, our homebound members also have the opportunity to receive Holy Communion from worship. This tradition dates back to the earliest Christian church. Trained Home Communion Visitors on our Care Team take bread and wine, which has been blessed during worship on the first Sunday of each month, to our homebound members. Thus, we share with them our unity in Christ and His true presence in the bread and wine.
The Shared Lutheran Ministry has partnered with Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church in La Grange to take on volunteering at Second Chance Emporium in La Grange. Volunteers are on a rotating schedule. When scheduled to work, volunteers spend an entire week sorting, organizing, and washing donated items to prepare them for sale and then work at the store the days they are open. Second Chance is located in La Grange. Donations are received from people across the area and resold. All profits made by Second Chance are donated to local charities.


The Youth & Family Planning Team consists of representatives from all four congregations. The team meets throughout the year to oversee and plan Christian fellowship events for youth and families. The activities and events planned by this team lead to fun and educational experiences for the youth and families of our church. If you have ideas you would like to share or want more information on the Youth & Family team, please contact the SLM office for more information.


The Worship and Music Team consists of representatives from all four congregations. They meet regularly with the Pastor to plan all of our worship services. The worship and music team is the guiding spirit behind our weekly worship services, unforgettable special services and incredible music. They, without a doubt, add that special spark of creativity into our worships.


The Hospitality Team strives to make our churches warm and welcoming. To accomplish this, they meet four times a year to plan and implement ways of reaching out to potential members, develop strategies for contacting visitors and follow up with those interested in membership. They also reach out to members and the community through devotion and prayer booklets, magnets, Easter eggs and mementos - all to keep the name of Jesus in our daily lives.


of Fayette County, Texas. All are welcome at any of our churches, and please call us if you have any questions. We are always ready to help.


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